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Course Overview

In this course, we will deep-dive into reactive developing modern cloud-native microservices with the reactive microservice framework Helidon SE.

Who should attend

Developers, software architects, and project managers who want to develop modern cloud-native microservices with Helidon MP and MicroProfile. Also trainers and consultants.

  • Java developers
  • Software architects
  • Project managers
  • Java trainers
  • Technical consultants and sales engineers
  • Proficiency in using a Java IDE such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, or Netbeans
  • Fundamental knowledge in Java
  • Proficiency in object-oriented programming
  • Proficiency in reactive programming
  • Experience with Maven
  • Experience with Git
  • Helidon and MicroProfile Fundamentals training
Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Design of a cloud-native microservice architecture
  • Build microservices with MicroProfile and Helidon MP
  • Build independent REST services
  • Persist data by using Java Persistence API and MicroStream
  • Secure your microservices
  • Test and check your microservices
  • Build and deploy your microservices

Course Content

  • Summary of the Fundamentals Training
  • Reactive programming
  • Get started with Helidon SE and Helidon SE configuration
  • Cross-origin resource (CORS) sharing support in Helidon SE
  • DB Client – work with databases in a non-blocking way
  • Persist data by using MicroStream native object graph persistence
  • Build gRPC servers and clients
  • Health checks
  • Metrics
  • GraphQL
  • Reactive Massaging
  • Reactive Streams
  • Security – handle authentication, authorization, and context propagation
  • OpenAPI
  • Tracing – profile and monitor your applications across multiple services
  • WebClient – handle responses to HTTP requests in a reactive way
  • WebServer powered by Netty
  • Build native executables by using GraalVM
  • Various exercises with coding
  • Answering your individual questions