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What Are Your Biggest Challenges In Software Development?

Today, software development is exceptionally challenging. Dev teams need extensive expert knowledge in the following areas: Core Java, enterprise architecture, database design, security, testing  & quality assurance, perfromance optimization, concurrency & multithreading, frameworks & libraries, version control, IDE mastery, DevOps, API design, code optimization, error handling, scalability & resilience, performance monitoring, code review & collaboration, legacy integration, adaptability as well as cloud platforms, serverless computing, AI & ML, and much more. It is almost impossible to for a dev team to fully cover all of these competencies. However, with our JAVAPRO mentors you will.


IT Organizations Reported in 2021:
of IT Projetcs Fail
of IT Projetcs Don't Reach Their Goals
of IT Projetcs Overshoot Their Budget

Our Mentoring Program for
Project Managers

A team of independent experts in all areas of Java & cloud development are constantly supporting, coaching, educating and further developing your team, checking progress, detecting weaknesses, issues and conflicts, and creating strategies to fix it in order to eliminate your development risks, speed up your progress, reduce your time to market, saving costs of development, and to increase your developer’s productivity, satisfaction and work life balance.

JAVAPRO Mentoring Program

Top Experts Will Coach Your Team

I'm working as a freelancing consultant with Java since JDK 1.0. I am an architect and developer, have written several books about JavaF, J2EE, and Java EE. I also regularly organize Java EE / WebStandards / JavaScript workshops at Munich Airport (


Author, JavaONE Rockstar, Consultant, Java Champion, AWS Hero

What’s Included?


Virtual Program

The JAVAPRO mentoring program is an all virtual program. All sessions, workshops and mentor sessions are online, live and will be recorded. All your team members can easily join all sessions from everywhere.


Your Individual Roadmap

Based on an initial team analysis, we create an individual roadmap for your team. During the program, we will constantly check your progress and success. During the program, we constantly monitor your progress and the effectiveness of your program activities to achieve your project goals.


Weekly All Teams Q&A

Our all hands mentoring takes place weekly. Every week one of the main Masterclass topics are in focus, Core Java, software modernization, cloud and AI. All of your individual technical questions are discussed and answered here by our top mentors. Through these cross team discussions, all participants learn from each other and thus a lot more.


Individual 1:1 Coaching Sessions

During the whole program, you have access to all of our amazing mentors who are keen on sharing their particular expertise with you and help you move forward. Just book a personal 1:1 session with the expert of your choice when needed.


Weekly Special Topic Workshop

Every week we provide you first class workshops about all topics Java developer teams should know by our top mentors and amazing external guest speakers.


Project Manager Circle

For IT and project managers, we organize a regular Project Lead Circle that enables you to discuss your ideas, visions, challenges, issues and share your experience with other project managers who have similar challenges as you. These meetups are moderated by great mentors who will share their experiences with you.


Education & Certification

The JAVAPRO Masterclass also contains a broad virtual education program including all important topics for modern Java teams. Final certifications are proof that your team has the specialist knowledge provided and is ready to work in your projects.


Your Personal Program Manager

During the whole program, your personal program manager will constantly support and connect you with mentors that are able to move you forward, monitor your progress, the effectiveness of your program activities and your success, to make sure that you will achieve your project goals.

Choose Your Masterclass


Core Java Masterclass

Core Java is the basis of your daily work and essential for every Java developer. Java is evolving rapidly and developers should always stay up to date with Core Java features. This Masterclass is all about Core Java. Here we cover new JDK features and deepen important basis knowledge. A must for all Java developers.


IT & Project Manager Masterclass

This Masterclass enables you to regularly meet other IT & project managers who have similar goals and challenges like you have. It contains monthly manager Q&A, additional online workshops, individual coaching and an annual manager event. Learn from great mentors, share experiences, get connected. For managers only.


EclipseStore Masterclass

EclipseStore is a cutting-edge persistence framework that enables databaseless in-memory data processing for modern business applications and AI that require high-speed, real-time data processing. The popularity of Eclipse is growing fast. With the EclipseStore Masterclass you will become an EclipseStore expert, supervised and coached directly by the EclipseStore team.


DevOps & Security Masterclass

Continuous delivery is crucial for companies as it enables faster and more frequent deployment of software updates, reducing time-to-market and allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing market demands, gain a competitive edge, and satisfy customer needs effectively. By integrating security into DevOps processes, organizations can achieve faster and more secure software delivery, leading to improved risk management, better compliance, and enhanced overall business resilience.


Software Modernization Masterclass


Cloud & Serverless Masterclass

Our Great Mentors

Adam Bien

Java Champion, Java Rock Star, AWS Hero, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Freelancer
#Java #Cloud #Serverless #AWS #Modernization

Sven Ruppert

Freelancer, Author, Speaker, JAVAPRO Star
#Java #Security

Kevin Wittek

OSS Lead, Testcontainers Maintainer at AtomicJar, Inc., Oracle ACE
#Java #Testing

Markus Kett

CEO at MicroStream, JAVAPRO Editor in Chief, JCON Co-Organizer
#Java #EclipseStore #Low-Code #UI #Modernization

Zoran V. Sevarac

CEO & Co-Founder at Deep Netts
#Java #AI #ML

Richard Fichtner

CEO at XDEV, Founder of JUG Oberpfalz, JCON Co-Organizer
#Java #LowCode #UI #Modernization #Agile

Your Benefits

Provide your team the maximum support and encouragement and benefit from more motivated teams, optimized processes, successful projects and cost savings.
  • Access to 50+ top experts in all areas
  • Experts care for your team constantly
  • Identify challenges and risks faster
  • Solve problems faster
  • Confirmation that you are doing it right
  • Increase the productivity of your team
  • Reduce your costs of development
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Support whenever needed on demand
  • Learn from other teams and thier cases
  • Minimize your project risks
  • Happy developers, thriving organization
Enroll now and supercharge your developer career.
  • Constant Learning, Support, Consulting
  • Access to 50+ Top Experts in All Areas
  • Solve Problems Faster
  • Confirmation That You Are Doing it Right
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • External, Independent Contact Persons
  • Support Whenever Needed On Demand
  • Learn From Other Teams and Cases
  • Connect With Other Developers
  • Personal Talent Development
  • Valuable Certifications and References
  • Supercharge Your Career
Empower your IT management with strategic insights, risk mitigation, and enhanced team efficiency.
  • Experts Care for Your Team Constantly
  • Identify Challenges and Risks Faster
  • Solve Problems Faster
  • Confirmation That You Are Doing it Right
  • Increase the Productivity of Your Team
  • Access to 50+ Top Experts in All Areas
  • Solve Problems Faster
  • Support Whenever Needed On Demand
  • Learn From Other IT Managers and Cases
  • Connect With Other IT Managers
  • Regularly IT Manager Meetings
  • Personal Development
  • Fantastic Career Network

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