Advanced Java cloud-native microservices

Event Details

Learn how to simplify microservices implementation and delivery with best practices and observability techniques using MicroProfile

Target audience: Java Developers, Architects

About the workshop:

If you are interested in mastering real-world knowledge around the implementation and delivery of cloud-native Java microservices, this is the course for you. This four-hour online course covers various topics, from best practices of cloud-native solutions to observability practices and recommendations. You’ll be able to track and find bugs across a distributed microservice architecture much more accessible by implementing tracing capabilities on your microservices. On top of all that, you’ll be able to create your image so you can easily run containerized microservices anywhere.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills to make resilient microservices on Java using MicroProfile, you’ll add to your toolkit the ability to deliver stateful microservices backed by ultra-fast persistence solutions, and you’ll be able to track and find bugs across a distributed microservice architecture much more easily.

  • Cloud-Native microservices: What makes a service cloud-native?
  • The Twelve-Factor App: Learn how to improve service security and health using the Twelve-Factor App.
  • Externalizing Configurations and Sensitive Data: Get comprehensive knowledge of how to externalize configurations and sensitive data with MicroProfile Config.
  • Get started on microservices observability
  • Discover the techniques of tracing: troubleshooting problems OpenTracing
  • Learn how to increase microservices resiliency by exploring fault tolerance capabilities
  • Understand the microservices health checks and how it impacts cloud-based solutions
  • Get an in-depth knowledge of MicroStream and how it can speed up stateful microservices
  • Learn how to build images and run containerized microservices with Docker